More Than A City, It's Our Home

Abe_Votes_Thea.jpg If Honest Abe is supporting Thea, shouldn't you?

San Francisco is more than a City, it's our home.

Yet our appointed Supervisor and City Hall are missing in action. They want your vote, but have little to show for it. Is housing more affordable? Is our community safer? Would you even recognize them on the street?

Our grassroots campaign is not just about votes, it's a hopeful fight for affordable housing, safe neighborhoods, and a thriving community for all.

With only 5 days left, you have the power to finally put a neighborhood voice in City Hall -- one that fights for you!

Thea_D-Structure.25_7_.jpgThea at Our D-Structure Supporter Party Last week

Join us Saturday 11am at the HQ (791 Haight St) for our big volunteer mobilization. Breakfast and coffee is on us! We'll also need folks to help leading up to Election Day. Sign-up today.

Finally, we want to thank everyone for their tremendous support! Hope to see you this weekend or out in the community.

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