New news for August

We are now less than three months away from the election, and our field campaign has picked up steam and is going full force. It's a miracle we find time to do canvassing, given the number of other campaign-related events happening left and right! Here are three examples of more fun ones.


pizza party

#1. Pizza Party! Last weekend, some of our hardworking volunteers gathered at Thea's house to share their homemade pizzas and kick back a bit. We had a dizzying array of everything from your classic marinara-and-mozzarella pie to a spinach-and-caramelized onion focaccia creation — but the winner, as we expected, was Arnie Lazarus's pesto, gorgonzola and bacon thin-crust. No contest. 


the first debate

#2. The first debate. Hosted by the District 5 Democratic Club at the beautiful and recently-renovated Park Branch Library on Page Street in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, this was the first of many candidate debates in these last twelve weeks before the election. All the major candidates were in attendance, and Thea got the chance to speak about her work with Muni (all-door boarding!), public safety, and the tenuous issue of rent control.


Thea and Majeid

#3. National Night Out! For the 29th year, the Bay area participated in National Night Out — an event created by the nonprofit National Association of Town Watch as a way to bring communities together and present a united front against criminal activity and drug use. This year's San Francisco event was hosted at the Ella Hill Hutch Community Center. Above is Thea with her friend and endorser Majeid Crawford, president of the Fillmore/Lower Fillmore Neighborhood Association.


That's all for now — remember, we are canvassing up a storm and need you out there! Check out our calendar for more details, and while you're there, save the date for our August 21st fundraiser at the Vinyl wine bar on Divisadero.


See you on the streets!

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