New Duboce Park playground!

All right, so Duboce Park isn't really in District Five — its southern border wiggles along Waller, Hermann and Haight — but who isn't a fan of that green space (and the terrific array of dogs who reign there)? 

Thea was on hand on Saturday for the ribbon cutting of the park's new Youth Play Area. The play area sits just to the side of the basketball court, on the west of the much beloved toddler playground. A whole slew of people pitched in to get the play area up and running, and major kudos are due to Duboce Triangle Neighbors (especially Peter Cohen, Mark Scheuer and Susan Beckstead) for spearheading it.

 checking out the play area plans!

The plans aren't as exciting as the actual play area, but they're still pretty cool!

Thea was a signatory for the Youth Play Area for a few reasons. She's active in the neighborhood (even the parts of it that aren't in the district!), and is a member of the Harvey Milk Recreation Center community group. Most importantly, though, she's got two kids of her own, and at 10 and 14 they're right in the age range that the new space in the park is targeting. 

Thea says: "I am proud to have been a member of a team of people who have added yet another beautiful piece to a gem of the park system in San Francisco. It's a place where youth can interact, learn, and play." All good things, but you don't have to take our word for it — hop over the district line and see for yourself!

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