Mirkarimi Ruling

It's an extraordinary act for the Mayor to remove an elected official, and it sets a very high bar. In such cases the Board of Supervisors is the primary check on the Mayor and functions as a stand-in for the voters. That is a responsibility I would take very seriously.

I don't agree with Supervisor Christina Olague that Ross Mirkarimi's conduct was unrelated to his official duties as Sheriff. The Sheriff has many important responsibilities related to issues of domestic violence. As I carefully weighed all the evidence, I realized that Ross Mirkarimi's conviction in this case showed him to be unfit to perform the duties of Sheriff. I was saddened to see the problems of domestic violence repeatedly trivialized. I would have voted to sustain the charges. This is not a vote I would have cast gladly. Ross served the District well as Supervisor. He was a hard worker and took public safety concerns very seriously. As Supervisor I look forward to expanding on these very positive aspects of his legacy.

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