48 days left! Join us this weekend in the Sunset and the Marina

Last week Governor Brown and Mayor Breed convened the Global Climate Summit in San Francisco —an international environmental response to President Trump’s refusal to work to stop climate change. Governor Brown signed Senate Bill 100 at the Summit, committing CA to 100% renewable energy by 2045, among many exciting and visionary actions.

I had the opportunity to meet several Assemblymembers (see below) who are strong environmentalists as well as a woman from Ghana who manufactures lightweight bicycles out of bamboo.

Assemblymembers David Chiu, Eloise Reyes, Monique Limón, Jim Wood, and Ash Kalra on the electric ferry Enhydra.

I also talked with many current, past, and future CCSF students at Farmers' Markers and block parties around the city. A grandmother let me know she has almost finished her AA, a mother was working on her third language at City College—she started with Mandarin, then German, now Spanish—and I also spoke with some non English speakers about our excellent ESL classes. Let’s not forget, in honor of the Global Climate Summit, our excellent certificates in sustainability.

I am always inspired by our students. Please help me help the students for four more years.



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Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

Wednesday, Sept 19th: Castro Farmers' Market

Saturday, Sept 22nd: Joint Day of Action with Gordon Mar & Teachers

Saturday, Sept 22nd: Sunset Community Festival

Sunday, Sept 23th: Inner Sunset Farmers' Market

Sunday Sept 23th: Divisadero Farmers' Market

Sunday, Sept 23rd: Joint Day of Action with Catherine Stefani




P.S. Huge thanks to all the volunteers who came out to the Matt Haney-Thea Selby Day of Action last weekend on Treasure Island! It was fun, windy, and incredibly educational.

Beautiful Day of Action with Matt Haney on Treasure Island.

Running into neighbors at the 13th Annual Dead Enders Block Party.

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