7 Days to Change Our City!

thea_rain.jpgThea, ready for anything!

We are only 7 days away from Election Day! Here at Team Thea, we always knew this journey would be tough.ย Together we've walked communities across District 5 and talked with our neighbors โ€” in all kinds of weather. The response has been amazing and we've listened to all your ideas on how to make our City safe and thriving.

Your choice is clear. Ask yourself: when was the last time City Hall or the appointed Supervisor met you face-to-face and listened to your concerns about public safety, affordable housing, and jobs?

One question: who can you trust to fight for you? Career politicians and real estate speculators? Or a mom who raises her family in the Lower Haight, keeps her small business running, and knows the fundamental importance of a thriving economy for everyone?

Giants_Photo.JPGThea celebrates the big Giants win on Haight St.

You have the power to fundamentally change our City on Election Day. Vote Thea Selby!

We need passionate, smart people like yourself to help us in this fight. Join our campaign today! Spread the word, get out the vote, and get your feet on the street and your voice on the phone. Thanks for the support and we'll see you on the campaign trail.

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