Nice to meet you!

Connor_Hochleutner_small.jpgToday we began our Muni metro and Caltrain morning canvassing. Today, among other wonderful people, I met Connor Hochleutner who was kind enough to send his story into me. He says it best, so please read on. Note he proudly wears his Cal baseball cap on his head.



Nice to meet you this morning at the Castro Muni Station! You will definitely have my vote.  As I told you I would not be able to attend school to finish up my transfer to UC Berkeley and work full-time in San Francisco if it weren't for the affordability of City College.  When it came to the beginning of this semester and there was a doubt about whether the school might not open it really put a strain on my plans for the future.  The professors I have had at CCSF are world-class and I am so thankful that they are there to educate the city.

Best of luck!

-Connor Hochleutner, CCSF Student