Thea Selby's Kick Off for City College Board a success!

Thea + Fiona MA

Last Friday Sep 12th we officially kicked off the Thea Selby for City College Board campaign at Blackbird Bar on Market and 

Church. Former Speaker Pro Tem and candidate for Board of Equalization Fiona Ma endorsed Thea in a rousing speech, noting her commitment to the green economy, to High Speed Rail, and to public education. "Thea is a hard worker and a problem solver who  will make sure that City College gets on track," Ma said, adding that over the years, Thea had become a good friend. 

District 5 Supervisor London Breed spoke next, remarking that she knew how formidable an opponent Thea could be, as both a candidate and an activist fighting for what she believes in. "Thea's a fighter, and she'll fight for City College," Supervisor Breed concluded. Current City College Board of Trustee Rafael Mandelman also attended the Kick Off to show his support for his endorsed candidate. 

Thea was proud to count union support that night including Executive Director of the San Francisco Labor Council Tim Paulson and Political Director for United Educators of San Francisco, Ken Tray. Thea is honored to be endorsed by unions including The San Francisco Labor Council, AFT 2121--CCSF's Teacher's Union, UESF--the K-12 Teacher's Union, UA38, the San Francisco Firefighters Union, and many more. See list of endorsements here.

Great big thanks go to Robin Endres, Bashir Abasta, Robert Johnstone, Laura Norrell, Hal Fischer, Ed Denebeim, for volunteering and to my fabulous co-hosts--Fiona Ma, London Breed, Matt Haney, Linda Post, Katherine Hans Von Rotes schild Zitler, and Peter Straus.

Onwards and upwards!

More party pics here.