A Flag Day fundraiser

It's a beautiful summer weekend in San Francisco! Happy day-late Juneteenth to everyone, and happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. The myriad farmer's markets of District 5 are overflowing with summer produce. You're sure to see Thea and company out and about among the cherries and apricots, gathering your signatures. 

 Thea just returned from a few days in Arlington, Virginia, where her brother Tom and his wife Dee hosted a garden fundraiser for the campaign! A large and lively crowd of families came to Dee's beautiful garden to enjoy slider burgers and chocolate-chip cookies, and to show their support for Thea. The pictures unfortunately don't do justice to Dee's horticultural genius, but we wanted to share them anyway. (Check out the Flag Day themed candles in the picture below!)


Dee's beautiful garden


Dee and Tom drew a large and lively crowd of families, including several whose daughters attend a local science and math middle school. Given the shortage of young women pursuing those subjects, it was heartwarming to speak with them and hear about their experiences. 


Thea guests


Our heartfelt thanks to Tom, Dee, and all of their friends for a beautiful fundraiser. Your generosity and enthusiasm have bolstered the spirits of the campaign, and sent us back to San Francisco with a new burst of energy.

To all our San Francisco friends and supporters: we hope you saw Steve Jones's recent Bay Guardian article on the District 5 race! It mentions Thea as one of the leading candidates in a race that now has over ten of them (wow!).  However, we hope that the next time Thea's name comes up, she's accurately described as the progressive she is. We're confident that Thea's record of supporting everything from free Muni for youth to ranked-choice voting will speak for itself. 

But, of course, we appreciate the nod. Check out Thea's about page if you want more information about her background, and, as always email us if you've got questions that need answers. We deeply appreciate your engagement and support!


It's June already?

Happy June, everybody! We hope you all voted yesterday. Congratulations are due to every candidate who ran; if there’s one thing we know, it’s that running for office is a lot of work. A round of applause goes to the twenty (count ‘em) women, trained by Emerge, who ran for California offices in this election. Thea is a member of the Emerge class of 2010.

Thea house sign!

To those of us working on November campaigns, June holds one of the biggest volunteer efforts of the whole race. Here’s why: to file for the ballot, Thea needs to gather a thousand signatures from registered District Five voters and submit them to the Department of Elections. These signatures are only valid if they’re gathered before July 25th — and June 1 is the first day we started gathering!

 You’ll be seeing us out in force over the next six weeks or so, getting as many signatures as we possibly can. If you see a Thea volunteer with a sign and a clipboard, go give your signature! We can register you to vote, too.

 You can help us out in other ways, too:


- Sign up for an hour of signature gathering in the next week by emailing megan@theaselby.org. We provide you with a clipboard, a partner, and some simple instructions. Imagine what could happen if we had 30 people each getting 30 signatures in 30 days — and that’s just a signature a day.


- Go like us on Facebook! Little-known fact: for every new like Thea gets, the campaign staff does a group high-five.


As always, thank you for your support!


New Duboce Park playground!

All right, so Duboce Park isn't really in District Five — its southern border wiggles along Waller, Hermann and Haight — but who isn't a fan of that green space (and the terrific array of dogs who reign there)? 

Thea was on hand on Saturday for the ribbon cutting of the park's new Youth Play Area. The play area sits just to the side of the basketball court, on the west of the much beloved toddler playground. A whole slew of people pitched in to get the play area up and running, and major kudos are due to Duboce Triangle Neighbors (especially Peter Cohen, Mark Scheuer and Susan Beckstead) for spearheading it.

 checking out the play area plans!

The plans aren't as exciting as the actual play area, but they're still pretty cool!

Thea was a signatory for the Youth Play Area for a few reasons. She's active in the neighborhood (even the parts of it that aren't in the district!), and is a member of the Harvey Milk Recreation Center community group. Most importantly, though, she's got two kids of her own, and at 10 and 14 they're right in the age range that the new space in the park is targeting. 

Thea says: "I am proud to have been a member of a team of people who have added yet another beautiful piece to a gem of the park system in San Francisco. It's a place where youth can interact, learn, and play." All good things, but you don't have to take our word for it — hop over the district line and see for yourself!


Bike To Work Day!

Here at Team Thea we're huge fans of transportation "alternatives," although in eco-minded San Francisco biking and bus-ing can hardly be called alternative. In any case, we welcome any opportunity to celebrate them. Bike To Work Day is the perfect chance!

the bike!

Check out the bike that got Thea to work on Bike To Work Day!

The League of American Bicyclists estimates that there are over 13,000 bike commuters in San Francisco alone. Many of those intrepid souls rely on the Wiggle to get from Market Street to Golden Gate Park and points west. The Wiggle runs right through District Five, so needless to say we're going to want to hear from bike commuters — all thirteen thousand of you if need be — during this campaign.


You can't quite see it, but Thea's wearing her Muni shirt in this picture — a nod to buses and bikes working together?

Thea's firm belief in the benefits of alternative, sustainable transportation is a driving (no pun intended) force behind a lot of her work in the community. Get in touch with us if you've got opinions on the matter that you think we should hear!



House Signs Are Here!

Our beautiful indigo-and-orange house signs are here! Big kudos go to Cathy and Kassie — our graphic designer and printer, respectively. Get in touch with us ASAP if you want one for your window, and thanks as always for your support!

 thea house sign big



On a roll!

Thank you so much to those who came by and supported Thea at her birthday bash on May 3! Your presence and generosity (and appetites — we couldn't have eaten all that brisket alone) were deeply welcomed and deeply appreciated.

We're so excited to get to know this district as the campaign moves forward. If you're interested in volunteering for Thea — walking with her in your neighborhood, gathering signatures, or staffing events — get in touch with Megan. If you or someone you know wants to chip in for a first-time candidate working for District 5's neighborhoods, check out the donate page.

In the meantime, here are some festive images of the evening by our own Lynn Friedman. More will be up on Facebook soon, so make sure you like us!

thea thank you

Thea Selby Birthday Party and Fundraiser

Join us as we celebrate Thea's birthday at Underground SF!

Cash bar: $2-3 well drinksDJ, and food from Memphis Minnies (BBQ!) and Two Jacks (peach cobbler!). 

To RSVP and purchase tickets, or become a sponsor click here.

Sponsorship levels:
$500 Birthday Present
$250 Slice of Birthday Cake
$100 Birthday Candle

Please save the date, and invite your friends and neighbors. THANK YOU for supporting a first-time candidate with a vision of a safe and thriving District 5 and a strong voice for our neighborhoods at City Hall!!

For more information: email thea@theaselby.org, or go to the Contact page.


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