Time to be the Honeybadger!

Thea_Nectar_Fundraiser.jpgSome wonder women of San Francisco politics: Malia, Fiona, Zoe, Thea, and Leah!

WOW, everyone — a seriously amazing fundraiser at Nectar last wek! We are bowled over by your generosity, your enthusiasm, and your hard work. There's no way we could do this without you!

Team Thea joined Assemblymember Fiona Ma, Supervisor Malia Cohen, and DCCC Vice-Chairs Zoe Dunning and Leah Pimentel. The night was filled with pizza, wine, and some of the coolest women in SF politics. We really appreciated their tremendous support!

Plus, we ended the week with another stellar quarterly fundraising drive. Thanks to everyone who donated, and those who miseed the chance can still support our grassroots campaign.

As always, we have plenty of volunteer opportunities available. Great on the phone? Want to enjoy this beautiful San Francisco weather and help Thea walk the district? We'd like you to join our team! Promise not to make you clean the entryway to our office at 791 Haight St. This campaign is the grassroots of the grassroots, and no job is too small for Thea.


Thea got tired of the dirty entryway to our office and took matters into her own hands.

Five more weeks to go and we're pumped. Be on the lookout for a big campaign event next week, as we thank all our wonderful supporters.

Now — in the words of Assemblymember Fiona Ma, it's time to be the honey badger! See you out in the neighborhood and please stop by our HQ (791 Haight St).


A Weekend of Walk Stops, Car Washes, and Fun in Cole Valley


Team Thea at the Cole Valley St. Fair!

Last weekend started on Friday with Thea joining a Park(let) at Linden and Octavia, on the border with Patricia's Green. Thea has been working for two years on a project called Walk Stop, which is a creative use of signage to encourage walking, make neighborhoods more safe, connect communities, and share neighborhood histories.



Haight St resident/butterfly Elodie.

Saturday started off wet and soapy at the McKinley Elementary School Car Wash. McKinley is one of the premier elementary schools in the city with tremendous parental engagement. Had the opportunity to meet Daniel Handler, Dad of McKinley kids and author of several books including "An Unfortunate Series..." and with Annie Bauccio, one of the leaders of Educate our State, a non-profit dedicated to getting the people of California to equitably fund education.


Sunday featured the Cole Valley Fair, an amazing neighborhood-driven fair put on by the wonderful Cole Valley Improvement Association. We weighed challah, bought earrings that match our campaign colors, ate amazing pork sandwiches, and talked to many incredible families who live in or near Cole Valley. Congrats to CVIA, and a heads up that they are looking for other organizers for next year. A quick pitstop over to Woodland Avenue and the balloon toss allowed Thea to meet more engaged residents of San Francisco, and to welcome the east side of the street back in District 5.

Tuesday Fundraiser with Fiona Ma, Zoe Dunning, and Leah Pimentel!

This Tuesday, we are SO excited to present our fundraiser with Speaker pro Tempore of the California State Assembly Fiona Ma, First Vice-Chair of the DCCC Zoe Dunning, and Fourth Vice-Chair of the DCCC Leah Pimentel!


Join us 6:30pm at Nectar (663 Haight St). Enjoy wine, pizza, and and conversation with some leading women in San Francisco politics. We've got six weeks to go in this election, and there is no better time to show Thea — a mom, small business owner and long-time neighborhood activist — your support! 

Ticket levels are as follows:

$35 Individual
$50 Supporter
$100 Sponsor
$250 VIP
Tickets can be purchased here. As with all of our events, no one is turned away for a lack of funds.

If you can't make it — some of you may be attending Yom Kippur services! — please consider donating. We need your support as much as we need your smiling face at our party. 
See you tomorrow!
Team Thea

Nuns and sunshine

There is never an uneventful weekend on the campaign. This Saturday we started with an endorsement interview with the National Union of Healthcare Workers in the Tenderloin, after which we broke our car-free campaign streak to jump into a cab (signs and all) and race down to the LGBT Center at 1800 Market for the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club PAC meeting!


Thea out of the cab!

We made it just in time!

The PAC meeting, like all other Milk Club events, was a blast. Thea had the chance to talk about her background as a mom, small business owner, and neighborhood activist to an audience of folks who had rolled out of bed and were taking time out of their sunny Saturdays to listen to a whole slew of candidates talk about their races. 

After putting our ballots in the Big Gay Voting Box and petting a few very cute dogs who had accompanied their owners to the PAC meeting, we hit the streets for our weekend of canvassing.

We wore sunblock... promise.

Over Saturday and Sunday we knocked on over 150 doors in lower Pacific Heights, leaving notes and talking to neighbors. It was an exciting two days: we talked to residents of Westside Courts, low-income housing constructed in 1943, several nuns in a Dominican convent on Sutter Street, first-time homeowners, single moms, and many other San Franciscans. It's experiences like these that make Thea so prepared to take the office of Supervisor and serve as a strong voice for all of our district's neighborhoods. 

We are now 50 days away from election day and have 3 weeks until absentee ballots are mailed out! This is the home stretch, and we need your support. Come walk and knock with us in the sunshine. Meet nuns, pet dogs, pass out flyers. Phone bank, and reach out to your neighbors with Thea's message of grass-roots politics and community representation. Our wonderful volunteer coordinator, Saudia, can be reached at thea.volunteer.coordinator@gmail.com or 415 713 0362. Anything you want to do, you can do for us. NOW IS THE TIME!


Less than two months to go!

Between debates, endorsement meetings, and our own campaign parties, it's been a whirlwind of a week! Here's a quick recap.

TUESDAY: Thea started her day with an 8am breakfast meeting, then went straight through conference calls, canvassing, an educational bike ride, and four (count 'em) endorsement interviews. Our team meeting wrapped up at 11pm at our headquarters at 791 Haight. Thank goodness for coffee.

WEDNESDAY: Another day of meetings and phone calls to rally our volunteers for the weekend and the weeks ahead. That night we had a meeting with the wonderful folks at the San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce before a debate at the Harvey Milk Recreation Center, hosted by the Wigg Party among others. Our emcee ran a tight ship and all the candidates got a chance to talk about sustainability and green living.


Thea at the debate

 photo by the pointed, irreverent, and reliable uppityfag.

THURSDAY: More meetings, more lunches, more phone calls, more emails! Our open-door policy with our headquarters on Haight Street means we spend a lot of time talking with folks who walk in off the street with their dogs, bikes, kids, and stories. On Thursday we got visits from Hal and his dog Jasper, Najah and her brother Jalen who were on their way home from McKinley Elementary, and Annie (who came by for a break during her 40-mile-a-day bike commute). 

That evening we had a fantastic pair of events: a happy hour at Sugar Lounge in Hayes Valley, and a garden party at Kappa Zakka! Many thanks to Trent, David, Lauren, Philippe, Edgar, and everyone else who helped make the party a reality. We're so happy to have been able to talk to you and your friends, and we're looking forward to working with you as we steam through the last two months of the election. 


Kappa Zakka supporters





Weekend Recap & Thrive This Week

This weekend Team Thea had a blast!  We hit the streets, called our neighbors, and spread the word about our grassroots campaign.  On Sunday morning we hosted our HQ Open House at 791 Haight St.  We had a great turnout, big thanks to everyone who joined us! 

Thea_Christina.JPGThea and Campaign Superstar Christina

Afterward, we all enjoyed the beautiful day at Sunday Streets on Fillmore St.  Thea is a longtime advocate for bikes, pedestrians, and public transportation.  She knows that San Francisco works best, when we all have to access to our streets.  Our supporters walked, biked, and some even rode in our own pedicab!

 Team Thea Sunday StreetsTeam Thea at Sunday Streets

Finally, we are all very excited about our big campaign event this week, Thrive.  We'll be enjoying Happy Hour at Sugar Lounge (377 Hayes), followed by a garden party at kappa zakka (460 Grove).  Art will be presented by Hayes Valley resident Philippe Jestin, among others.  Learn more and RSVP here!




First to get Public Financing!

It’s official: District 5 Supervisor candidate Thea Selby FIRST to Public Financing


A Major Contender in District 5 Supervisor Race


Hello Thea Supporters,

We just received the exciting news that notice of certification for public financing by the Department of Ethics has been APPROVED. Check out excerpts of our press release: 

“This is a great day for us,” said candidate Thea Selby. “We’re running a grass roots, neighborhood-based campaign, and getting public financing shows the depth of local support our campaign enjoys.”

Selby’s campaign is the first in the District to get public financing. This means that Selby raised over $10,000 from at least 100 San Franciscans. Overall, the Selby campaign has raised $50,000 since November 2012. With public financing, the Selby Campaign will receive an additional $20,000 in a 2 to 1 match from the City.

“Many of Thea Selby’s donations are under $100 and come from local residents and merchants in the District 5 interested in have a strong local voice in City Hall. This is not uncommon for a grassroots candidate, particularly one not backed by a big political insider machine,” said Treasurer Tim Durning. Durning has worked as Treasurer for several successful progressive campaigns including David Campos, and many others.

“It is vital to us to receive this kind of support,” said Selby. “As the only neighborhood candidate, public financing levels the playing field against others beholden to interests outside our District. I’m proud to be first to qualify, and will make sure that I represent the interest of all people in District 5,” said Selby.

“I am passionate about having a safe and thriving district, and making sure we have a strong voice for neighborhoods at City Hall. Ideas can bubble up from the people who know best what’s happening in the district—the residents and merchants of District 5,” Selby stated.

Campaign staff celebrated last night by attending a performance of tinypistol (Maurya Kerr) with Thea Selby for Supervisor Campaign Manager Megan Wright holding a key role in all three parts at the West Wave Dance Festival, where Thea was honored to be seated next to SF Ballet principal Vanessa Zahorian.  

For more information, please contact Danielle Siegler at 415 307 6414thea.staff@gmail.com"


A Weekend in Cole Valley

A big HELLO to our loyal supporters!

We are so pleased to report that on Sunday alone we managed to reach 200 residents in Cole Valley. We had some fantastic conversations and interactions. Despite being startled by the off-regular "THIS IS A TEST OF OUR CITY-WIDE EMERGENCY RESPONSE SYSTEM" alert, alert, alert, while we had an AvoGobble (can you guess what's in that?!) at local Cafe Cole

We did have one casualty this weekend, a missing scarf! If anyone chances upon Thea's signature scarf, please contact us. Check out the picture below to see the scarf:


Take a look at our calendar of events for more details on upcoming debates, meet and greets, as well as other exciting things happening around D5 (and sometimes beyond).

TONIGHT we will be making splashes at the SF LGBT Community Center (1800 Market Street) to rally support for second place endorsement. We would love to see you there at 6pm! We will be in the Thea garb. 

Over and out, 

- Team Thea 


FUNdraiser Success, Check out Upcoming Events

Thank you to everyone who came out to Vinyl Wine Bar for our fantastic Dance for Change Fundraiser!  Check out a few pictures from the evening: 

Thea and our awesome DJ for the evening:

Eager and supprised faces to greet Thea:


Thanks again ato Vinyl for hosting our fabulous evening:


If you weren't able to make it last night and are interested in joining us for upcoming events, or if your interested in volunteering, please email us!  

Upcoming Events

Inner Sunset House Party - THURSDAY, Aug 23 [7:00pm]
J-Pop Summit Festival - SATURDAY, Aug 25 [all day]
Party at Sugar Lounge (Hayes Valley) - WEDNESDAY, Aug 29 [5:30pm] 



Want a Team Thea Tee??

Yup, you guessed it. We have some fantastic Team Thea shirts! We are giving these out to our loyal supporters TOMORROW NIGHT.  If you come to our FUNdraiser at Vinyl Wine Bar and make a donation you will get a great piece of Thea shawag. RSVP for the event HERE. Hope to see you there. 



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