An incredible week of endorsements

This has been an incredible week of endorsements. Over the last week, I have received the endorsements of 6 different organizations, including the very important San Francisco Democratic Party, a critical endorsement to win this race.

I am honored to say that I received the most votes of any Community College Board candidate or any Board of Education candidate. This was a great testament to what I'd like to do for City College--be able to gather support from different stakeholders as we get things done. Here's a picture of my friend and supporter who teaches at a public high school in Richmond, Tahitia Dean (left) and a friend and endorser, President of the Filipino Women's Network, Marily Mondejar (right).



The next day City College teacher's union, AFT2121, had us come before their membership to talk about our campaigns, and why we were in the race. A few hours after I left the Ocean campus where we spoke, they called me to inform me that I had receieved their endorsement as well. Thank you, AFT2121 for your support!

Earlier that week, I found out that the Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club Political Action Committee had voted to endorse me for City College Board. While this is not the final vote, it is a great step in that direction, as members take the PAC recommendation pretty seriously. Thank you, Alice!

Yesterday was Endorsement Palooza, a name coined by San Francisco Democratic Party member Rebecca Prozan. This is something I've been working on for awhile with Leah Pimentel and Obai Rambo. It was an attempt to consolidate some of the Democratic Clubs into one venue so that we could spend more time talking to their constiuents, and less time racing from venue to venue. A great thank you goes to the SF Democrats interns who made sure the public and candidates found their way to the various rooms in the LGBT center, to Mary Jung, who brought the much needed drinks and much appreciated cookies, to the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club, who shared their incredibly delicious empanadas with all.

From Endorsement Palooza, I got word that I was endorsed by the Harvey Milk PAC (thank you, PAC!) and that the member vote will take place on Tuesday August 19th. This general meeting will be a good time to bring out the hand-held signs! Who wants to join?

Finally, I am proud to announce one more announcement from Endorsement Palooza. I was the #1 vote getter for endorsing Community College Board members from my own District 5 Democratic Club. :) Votes were counted last night at Martin Macks, over beer and fries.