As a mother of two teens, a transportation and neighborhood activist, and a 12-year small business owner, I know how important City College is for the city of San Francisco. City College is at a critical juncture. The College serves 80,000 students of all ages, races and incomes. For the good of us all City College must survive and thrive.

I have served San Francisco and California in many ways over the years. It would be an honor to put my energies and skills towards making sure that City College is ready to meet the needs of all San Franciscans.

A strong board that can work together will help to make sure that happens. City College needs good people to fight. We need people that can work together and get things done. We need people who attend the board meetings and participate fully in the process. As Chair of the Citizen’s General Obligation Bond Oversight Committee I took my role very seriously, and continue this tradition as a California High Speed Rail Authority Board member.

My experience will bring much-needed common sense to the board. When I was Chair of the Citizen’s General Obligation Bond Oversight Committee, I changed the way the committee was run, taking it from a sleepy committee overseeing a few bonds to one overseeing $7B of bonds. As a small business owner, I am used to making hard decisions to keep things afloat while keeping the bigger picture in mind. I am comfortable with budgets, I am level-headed and know how to fight and then reconcile.

I know how to work with a variety of people to get things done. In 2010, as President and co-Founder of the Lower Haight Merchant + Neighbor Association, I worked with neighborhood residents, merchants and artists to coordinate the “Love in the Lower Haight” mural that turned what the Examiner called a “blighted wall” into a beautiful mural that welcomes residents and visitors to the Lower Haight neighborhood.  In 2012, we successfully completed a $50,000 Kickstarter campaign to make our iconic “silly pink bunny” into a permanent 10 foot bronze statue in the neighborhood.

In my work as a transportation activist, I know what an uphill battle looks like and what excellent leadership and a good board can do to keep things heading in the right direction. As Thea stepsCalifornia High Speed Rail Authority Board member, I have been honored to learn from outstanding leadership and have seen how we are moving the project forward against opposition as a result. I am a long-term member of the San Francisco Transit Riders and current Chair. We know the importance of making a plan and sticking to it, working with everyone while remaining independent, and pushing for responsible funding to take buses held together with trash bags and duct tape off the streets.

I am passionate about public education. My kids attend public middle and high school, and my eldest is taking a course at City College right now.  I went to public schools, including two community colleges. I believe that education should be accessible to all, and that higher education has gotten to expensive for most people. College is the only "path out" for many students. We cannot let that path close.

I am an alumna of Emerge CA, which trains Democratic women to run and win office. My late mother, Lucy Garretson Selby, worked for Ann Richards, who was the first woman in more than 50 years elected governor of Texas. I graduated from UC Berkeley, and completed an MBA at the University of  Oregon. With my longtime business partner, I own and operates a digital content and marketing company in the heart of The City. We are proud to have 7 employees.

My husband Robert and I are parents of two boys attending public schools. For recreation, I jog the Wiggle, amateurishly play Jazz piano, and garden in my small back yard. I am grateful to my husband and sons for their support as I undertake this exciting campaign.

City College--survive and thrive. Please join me in this fight.




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