Big week for CCSF, early voters, and the Giants!

This was a big week for San Francisco and CCSF. Not only did the Giants clinch the series with the Washington Nationals, thea_giants.jpgwhich I was lucky enough to go to, not only did  the early voter ballots come in the mail, but also Judge Karnow rejected another attempt by ACCJC to stop the trial of the City and County of San Francisco v. ACCJC on October 27th. This is good news for City College and we look forward to having the case go to trial beginning on October 27th.


P.S. It’s not too late to register people to vote. You can register online until October 20th:

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Nice to meet you!

Connor_Hochleutner_small.jpgToday we began our Muni metro and Caltrain morning canvassing. Today, among other wonderful people, I met Connor Hochleutner who was kind enough to send his story into me. He says it best, so please read on. Note he proudly wears his Cal baseball cap on his head.


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We are moving towards trial of San Francisco vs. ACCJC

(Please note: City College IS accredited. Consider taking classes to help support the college — and yourself!)

Last Friday, Superior Court Judge Karnow rejected ACCJC's request to reject City Attorney Dennis Herrera's lawsuit against ACCJC.

The finding was not an easy one to follow, but it boils down to this:

Judge Karnow is holding the door open to the possibility that the ACCJC acted in a biased, politically-motivated way to unfairly and without proper process shut down City College. He wants to review the evidence in a trial October 27th, and, if he finds merit, he could overrule the revocation of accreditation.

Congratulations, Dennis Herrera and team. Onwards!

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Arming the CCSF Police

In yesterday's Examiner, we are alerted that CCSF is considering arming campus police. There have been incidents with armed suspects as recently as September 11th, incidences which the CCSF police handled--unarmed.

I applaud the Chancellor's attempt to make this decision in a rational way. Let's look at the evidence. How often is the SFPD called in? How many incidences have occurred that might have gone very differently with a second  gun? Does the $20-30,000 for purchasing include training for the 28 officers on how to safely have a gun?

The fact that other community colleges now arm their campus police is not a good enough reason to spend the little money CCSF has. Let's use the evidence to make this decision, not a "me too" approach.

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Thea Selby's Kick Off for City College Board a success!

Thea + Fiona MA

Last Friday Sep 12th we officially kicked off the Thea Selby for City College Board campaign at Blackbird Bar on Market and 

Church. Former Speaker Pro Tem and candidate for Board of Equalization Fiona Ma endorsed Thea in a rousing speech, noting her commitment to the green economy, to High Speed Rail, and to public education. "Thea is a hard worker and a problem solver who  will make sure that City College gets on track," Ma said, adding that over the years, Thea had become a good friend. 

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An incredible week of endorsements

This has been an incredible week of endorsements. Over the last week, I have received the endorsements of 6 different organizations, including the very important San Francisco Democratic Party, a critical endorsement to win this race.

I am honored to say that I received the most votes of any Community College Board candidate or any Board of Education candidate. This was a great testament to what I'd like to do for City College--be able to gather support from different stakeholders as we get things done. Here's a picture of my friend and supporter who teaches at a public high school in Richmond, Tahitia Dean (left) and a friend and endorser, President of the Filipino Women's Network, Marily Mondejar (right).



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